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FRANKFURTER BRETT is a young and successful company founded in 2015 by two twin brothers, Joseph and Johannes Schreiter.

Being cooks, they created a unique product: high quality cutting boards with containers to make the cooking process clean, fast and fun for everyone – professionals and amateurs alike. Their vision is as straightforward as it is bold: to create a “new way of cooking”. Proving their point, the initial fundraising campaign became one of the most successful Kickstarter stories ever – an incredible success. We are very happy to play a key part in shaping the future of this exciting young company.


Built and developed with a true start-up spirit, FRANKFURTER BRETT sets itself apart through their down-to-earth communication style and unique visual identity. Although their product vision quickly garnered considerable success and momentum, Joseph and Johannes knew how important a great digital selling experience is to take the next step... 
The ultimate goal was to tell their inspiring story and to sell a highly innovative product in a state of the art personalized shopping environment. In a collaborative approach, we began designing their new identity, tailoring it specifically to the needs of the brand – to finally deliver a digital shopping experience that matches the high standards they continually set for themselves.


Knowing that FRANKFURTER BRETT stands for products designed to make the cooking experience easy and clean, we stuck to their philosophy while building the digital environment – give it a clean look, keep the navigation easy and most importantly: make it fun to use.

The website is created to transfer the brand values and create excitement through engaging with truly dynamic content. Each element was designed with a user journey and shopping experience in mind that feels natural and fluid.

As a creative agency, our task was not only to propose, but also to build and implement the solution and to be part of the production process. We conceptualized, produced and created a series of brand videos – one of the most important storytelling elements on the website.



The right balance between an effective and powerful, yet highly customisable shopping environment was key for project success. From the very start, we aimed for the visual and emotional impact of a true brand site, but with the technological architecture of a platform: we wanted customization

Looking at “only” 4 mandatory products, but a vast array of variations, we required a solution to displaying everything without running into visual overload. So we developed a unique web architecture concept, enriched with impactful mood videos and helpful graphic elements to ensure smooth navigation.

 Each product is followed by a dedicated detail page, which conveys not only the brand’s story and values, but also contains the heart and soul of the webshop: the configurator function. It is a fully tailored plugin, designed to have users engage with the product and configure the board to their desired individual specifications. This “digital playground” provides customers with a visual simulation of their very own board, adapting to their input in real-time – a live shopping experience.

As technical foundation, we chose Shopware 5.3. Professional Edition as e-com system. We massively enhanced the system with innumerable custom elements and Plug-Ins to get the most out of our client’s brand and storytelling: a webshop that does not appear as a webshop at first sight, but as a brand experience that reveals the product and spirit of FRANKFURTER BRETT.

The result not only met, but exceeded expectations. We like to let the statistics speak for themselves: conversion increased more than two-fold, instantly from launch of the new web shop.


Winner of INTERNET WORLD Business Shop Award 2018 in the Hidden Champion category.

Winner of Shop Usability Award 2018 in the Home & Garden category.

Shop Usability Award


...some of them:

  • OS system Shopware 5.3 Professional Edition as flexible basis
  • Based on PHP and MySQL
  • Hosted on a scalable dynamic cloud environment in Germany
  • Webserver setup using a high performance proxy delivering static files effectively.
  • Heavily tweaked responsive templates built with the powerful inheritance features of Smarty
  • Modular setup using specialized plugins
  • Individual/custom plugins built to meet clients needs and demanding digital environment (configurable products)
  • Using cross-sell features, add-on recommendations and product streams
  • Voucher system that allows getting digital coupons instantly
  • Blazing fast because of using CDN77 based delivery of static files and frontend HTTP caching
  • Directly bound to an ERP system
  • Easily maintainable visual content based on Shopping Worlds (tailored)
  • Bilingual setup
  • Responsive layout and optimized mobile instances 


Special article in Shopware dedicated to shortlisted websites for the INTERNET WORLD Business Shop Award 2018 built with OS system Shopware.


Vanja Delic - Biedermann und Brandstift