Starting out just in Sommer 2016, talkabout is a brand new fashion and lifestyle brand focussing on young, distinct and modern women who set a statement with their styles. The label name is to be taken literally: aiming at addressing topics in life, the latest trends and intense as well as personal discussions. Fashion is communication. talkabout is your personal statement. With 12 collections per year, talkabout matches the pace of its target-groups.


The task was to create a brand site that transfers the values and ideals of the talkabout – world. Individual, unseen – always with humor or a twist.

The presentation of selected stories and lifestyle tips invites the users to remain on the site and find inspiration or even pick up topics that need to be neccessarily discussed with a best friend.

The integrated mood-selector generates an individual greeting which is in tune with the basic ideas oft he brand – communication and fashion.

The site uses the latest HMTL5 techniques and is built from a tailored and very flexible grid, allowing for full control on all screen ratios. Fluid design at it’s best.

Jannik Arnold - Biedermann und Brandstift