Physical to digital Translating an in-store shopping experience to multichannel in just 4 months Theo Wormland Webshop Launch






The iconic German fashion entrepreneur Theo Wormland founded Wormland, a premium fashion store for men, in 1935. Throughout the years, Wormland grew to be among the leading specialists for men’s fashion in Germany, currently operating a total of 15 stores in 11 major cities. We work on numerous projects aimed at progressing Wormland’s digital ambitions, covering Website Design, Digital Initiatives, E-Commerce, and more.


With Wormland’s strong physical market presence, state of the art website and a multitude of marketing campaigns – encompassing everything from traditional print to social media – the company felt it was time to take the next step in order to stay ahead of competition. Therefore, Wormland approached us to conceptualize, design and program a complete e-commerce shopping platform in order to further boost their digital brand.


The primary project objective was to fully design and realize a functional as well as state of the art webshop within an allocated timeframe of only 4 months. Specifically, the aim was to transfer Wormland’s physical shopping experience to digital and therefore leverage all the possibilities multichannel marketing has to offer for their digital marketing and sales strategy.


In order to lay a proper groundwork, a strategic concept had to be worked out and coordinated in detail to ensure sound project progress. Second, the shop needed seamless integration into the existing inventory system and IT infrastructure. Rollout of the platform was divided into three core phases, consisting of the soft launch of the platform as first phase, an optimization phase, and a last phase for additional updates as well as for the continued development of multichannel initiatives.

The result is a fully responsive shopping platform based on Oxid Sales, equipped with extended functionality through various Econda modules for shop monitoring as well as cross selling. Furthermore, the look and feel of Wormland’s webshop is closely aligned to the visual aesthetic and UI design of its website in order to provide a completely coherent image transition between both platforms.


  • Developed on the basis of the OXID eShop-Platform
  • Linked with various payment providers
  • Implementation of DHL Intraship’s shipping label and returns management
  • Responsive design of all templates
  • Connection to the client’s inventory management
  • Extensive evaluation and continuous optimization via powerful eCommerce monitoring tools
  • Implementation of Cross Selling Services
Schiwa Mehrmann - Biedermann und Brandstift
Thomas  Hochgürtel - Biedermann und Brandstift