Enhancing a brand without losing focus is a challenge we gladly accept Tyoulip Sisters Web Relaunch




A long-time client of ours, Tyoulip Sisters was originally established by a Dutch farmer in 1657. The company has seen multiple business transitions, including its move of headquarters from Amsterdam to Brooklyn, NY in 1929, a company re-naming in 1974, and an ownership swap in 2006. Tyoulip Sisters specializes in high-quality handbags and we gladly support them in Branding, Design, Website development and Visual Identity.


The year 2006 was a game-changer for Tyoulip Sisters. The business was sold and subsequently taken over by the new owners who kept the values of spirit and craftmanship at the heart of the brand. Naturally, the newly incepted company’s main challenge was to gain brand awareness and raise momentum among consumers. Based on this situation, we developed the visual identity and accompanying corporate website in order to kickstart the brand. We still continue to guide Tyoulip Sisters success story to this day, building on the foundations we laid years ago and steadily progressing the brand.


During the re-ignition phase of Tyoulip Sisters, it was key to let their high-quality products speak for themselves. The brand was therefore given a deliberately neutral conception in order to remain agile for future refinements if evaluated strategically viable to do so.

In positioning the brand, we based our framework on Tyoulip Sister's central firm values of heritage and quality. In developing the clear-cut brand identity, we also had to take the company’s size into account – our solution had to be simultaneously scalable and affordable.


As a first step, we visualized the brand employing design elements that referenced the heritagequality dimension, such as vintage pictureframes as well as black and white photography in a neat and basic HTML-based website. This gave the company a professional presence in the market without excessive initial investments. After one year, the company was already in the black and generating profits – this is of course rooted in the success of the product itself, and we as an agency do our best to support the company’s visions.

Tyoulip Sisters had evolved and was ready to take the next step. The aim was to infuse the brand with more emotion without conducting expensive photoshootings or media production. Accordingly, we playfully incorporated Brooklyn – the home of Tyoulip Sisters – into the website design via full screen ambient video background and combined the revised visual aesthetic with an atmospherical soundloop. Additionally, we implemented responsive design and sleek SEO integration. Apart from these measures, we further improved usability on mobile devices in order to make the brand more accessible for the increasingly international customer base of Tyoulip Sisters.


A list of features implemented in the latest Tyoulip Sisters website:

  • fully responsive
  • full screen ambient video background
  • sleek SEO integration
  • improved mobile usability
Carina Fuhrmann - Biedermann und Brandstift