Bethmann Bank AG, founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1712, is widely regarded as one of the most prolific German private banking institution with a long-standing tradition in private wealth management. Thanks to its impressive growth over the past years, it is now ranked as the 3rd biggest private bank in Germany. In order for them to be ready for the next decade and beyond, we happily work with Bethmann Bank AG on stringent marketing and strategic positioning, brand strategy, visual identity, advertising, digital and interactive solutions, and much more.


“Weltenwandler – People in Dialogue” was our first project for Bethmann Bank, one of Germany’s most renowned and traditional private banks, whose clients can be considered the financial top 3% of the country.

Assisting them in their transition towards becoming an open-minded and future oriented bank, we proposed to do something radically untypical: stray away from investment strategies, and set up an open participation platform in order to discuss our society’s paramount challenges. Within six interview episodes, the video project touches on various interlinked subjects including economic growth, education, liberty, arts and digital transformation. The result is an enthralling contribution to the general discussion about modern social values, supported by both Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Goethe University Frankfurt. It has been published via website as well as in magazine and DVD format.

The Weltenwandler project also brought about a new client for Biedermann und Brandstift: since 2013, we hold the nationwide marketing budget for Bethmann Bank.



Christian Fischer - Biedermann und Brandstift