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Today everybody’s attention is on Fintechs, Robo-Advisors and Digital banks – but finding the right banking consultant can result in a much more beneficial relationship.


Financial needs change over time: from student loans to life insurance, credit financing to private pension schemes. Seamless and convenient digital banks might seem like a good option, especially in younger years. Until you need hands on advice, that is. Face to face advice rather than speaking to a call center agent who just pulled your profile on his screen, treating you more as a number than a customer/client in need of advice.


But how do you find the perfect consultant for you? Who could you match?

Frankfurter Sparkasse – with more than 280 consultants in total – asked this very question during the internal “Inno-Challenge” resulting in the concept “friends-in-banks”.



Frankfurter Sparkasse and their Innovation Lab then teamed up with Biedermann und Brandstift Creative Services to transform their vision into a real-life product. Now is launched and shows how entertaining and easy it can be to find the “matching”the right – consultant for you in the financial world.


Friends-in-banks is a web-based platform matching clients and consultants based on interests, behavior, values and expertise. The matchmaking process starts with a quick and visually appealing inline questionnaire: 10 extraordinary & surprising questions developed by clients, psychologists, an external dating-agency and Biedermann und Brandstift.

Both the potential client and the bank’s consultants go through the exact same questionnaire. A complex algorithm developed by Biedermann und Brandstift defines the best three matches based on the answers given, the expertise and professional focus of the consultants and a variety of additional aspects such as preferences and values. These three consultants are then portrayed and introduced to the client: All consultants present themselves with their full name, an individual picture their detailed list of expertise, location, distance to the client and a personal statement that describes their overall approach and attitude.





Among the winners of Efma Banking Innovation Award 2019. The only German bank to be nominated in the Digital Marketing & Communication category.


Schiwa Mehrmann - Biedermann und Brandstift